Everyday question in winter: does chicken soup really help against colds?  – Health

Everyday question in winter: does chicken soup really help against colds? – Health

When everything sniffles and croaks outside, we like to have a hot soup to fight the evils of winter. But does chicken soup really help against the common cold?

Yes! Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. The amino acid cysteine ​​contained in cooked chicken has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect on the mucous membranes, and the zinc also strengthens the immune system.

Chicken soup also contains healthy ingredients such as vitamins and iron – a powerhouse for the struggling immune system. The hot steam from the soup moistens the nasal mucosa and relieves stubborn cold. In addition to chicken drumsticks, the classic version also includes onions, soup vegetables, bay leaves, and salt and pepper.

Grandma’s Chicken Soup Recipe


1 large Organic chicken soup (about 2.5kg)
1 bunch soup greens
1 divided by two Onion with shell
2 smooth rods Parsley
6 black peppers
2 bay leaves
4 medium sized carrots
400g Peas (also frozen)
200g noodle soup or boiled rice
salt and pepper
4 rods Parsley decorate


• Rinse chicken inside and out with cold water and pat dry with paper towel. Use a sharp knife to cut off the “rump,” which is the fatty gland in the tail. If the rump stays put, the chicken soup may taste slightly rancid and won’t be as clear. Place the chicken in a large saucepan and add enough cold water to just cover the chicken. Salt generously and bring gently to the boil.
To make sure the broth is clear at the end, use a slotted spoon to skim off any foam that occasionally forms on the surface. Otherwise, there is a risk that the broth will later turn cloudy and unappetizing. Rinse greens. Cut the celery into 1cm cubes, the carrots into 1cm slices and the leeks into 0.5cm slices. Add the soup vegetables with bay leaves and peppercorns as well as the halved onion and parsley to the broth. The onion gives the broth a nice golden color.
• Gently simmer the chicken broth for two hours over low heat. Place the lid of the pot slightly tilted so that the steam can escape. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon, let cool and separate the meat from the skin and bones. Then cut the meat into small pieces. Strain the broth through a fine sieve and return the meat to the pot.
Peel the carrots, cut them into pieces and cook them in the broth for about 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces. Put the frozen peas in the saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook the vermicelli for the last 3 minutes. Finally, season the chicken soup with salt and pepper. Rinse, shake and finely chop the parsley and sprinkle over the chicken soup on the plate just before serving.